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Richard and Helena, fell in love with Easter Garth the minute they saw it.
The quite location, the beautiful grounds and the views to be seen from the rooms at the top, were just perfect.

Richard and Helena had been visiting Scotland for over 12 years on holiday and had in past years decided that once the children had flown the nest, they would make a life changing decision, move to Scotland and open a Guest House and the dream was about to become a reality .

The hard work to make the dream a reality was about to begin!

Every room became a challenge – not only because the adventure was new – but also because they wanted to retain a homely feel to Easter Garth, be able to provide very comfortable and practical accommodation, with a touch of luxury at affordable prices.

Richard and Helena have high expectations and standards of their own. They set up the Guest House and then invited the Tourist Board in for their assessment and were awarded a 3 Star Rating.

This is what the Tourist Board had to say about Easter Garth.

" A Cheery greeting, assistance with the luggage if you need and, a welcoming cup of tea. The Bedrooms have a fresh style of décor with quality pictures. The furniture is of a high standard with excellent lined curtains and Stag Furniture with comfortable easy seating provided.

Breakfast is of a very good quality, with tasty bacon and eggs presented on a warmed plate and served with a welcoming smile. Overall, an excellent standard of housekeeping, a quality breakfast, a warm welcome– which leads to a very pleasant and comfortable stay."

Richard and Helena still maintain high standards and continue to improve both the property and extend services to their many guests



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