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Easter Garth, formally Rosneath Manse, is steeped in history. Its former Minster the Very Revd Robert Herbert Story was presented to the Parish in 1860 by the Duke of Argyll .In 1886 he was appointed Chaplain to Queen Victoria and when Queen Victoria died, he read an address at her funeral – He kept his close connections with the Royal Family and continued his appointment King Edward

Princess Louise fell in love with John, Marquess of Lorne, the heir to the Duke of Argyll and in 1871 Queen Victoria consented to their marriage

Princess Louise, now the Duchess of Argyll lived on the Rosneath Peninsula and was Patron to St.Modans Church. It is known that the beautiful tiled flooring in the Hallway of Easter Garth was laid in honour of Princess Louise and that she enjoyed visiting the house and gardens. A local newspaper report of the times records The Paton playing a game of Croquet on the Lawn.

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