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Easter Garth was built in 1838 by James Dempster of Greennock for the Church of Scotland and was to be the Manse of St. Modans Church, which was built to replace the Old Manse which stood previously on the site.

The house is situated within the heart of Rosneath, within the Clachan Village. Clachan Village is formed around eight traditional cottages with ruins of the old church and graveyard bordered by the Clachan Burn.

In 1881, bay windows were added, together with an extension to the rear and the addition of the bedroom on the first landing. During the early 1900's the second floor was used to accommodate the servants – but today it is used as a studio and an excuse to enjoy the view over the Gareloch to Rhu Marina and Helensburgh.

When the Manse was relocated in the 1980's the house was sold. Although over the years since the sale of the house, it has never really lost its ties and connections with the Community, both the former owner and the present owner holding the post of Registrar of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

All the owners of Easter Garth have maintained its beauty and over the years it has been comprehensively upgraded and modernised to an exacting standard, with many of the period features and charm of a by gone era retained.

Richard and Helena both fell in love with Easter Garth, the quite location, the beautiful grounds and the views to be seen from the rooms at the top, were just perfect. The guest house was open for business in 2004 and still offers a very good quality stay for all who come to Easter Garth


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